Representative Office Outsourcing

Representative Office Outsourcing

Organization and management of work for foreign representative office in Armenia can be implemented by MedReg, the leading provider of outsourcing and human resources services for offices of foreign medicine manufacturers.
When using MedReg’s outsourcing services, foreign pharmaceutical companies will be able to open and fully operate an office in Armenia without additional legal hassles and within the shortest possible time. We solve all administrative tasks and enable our customers to focus on their main business activities.

Office Support

We will assist you with renting, provide integrated support of the office, and provide all necessary technical equipment.

Personnel Outstaffing

We will search for and recruit employees, perform HR documentation processes, and carry out payroll and salary accounting.

Contract Management

We will keep up-to-date all the necessary requisites, monitor execution of all contractual clauses, and evaluate the quality of executed contracts.

Benefits of Outsourcing of a Representative Office
Market entry feasibility without establishing a legal entity

By outsourcing a representative office, non-resident companies will be able to cost-effectively assess the reasonableness of investing in the Armenian market.

Expedite building of local team

To organize an operating representative office of a company, MedReg, in the shortest time possible, will build a team or will provide necessary specialists on a contract basis.

Full Support

MedReg has all the necessary resources and competencies to provide customers with full the range of services to support non-resident companies in Armenia, including office rental, human resources, legal advice and other services.