GSP – Good Storage Practice

GSP - Good Storage Practice

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) is a system for providing quality storage of medicals in warehouses and distribution centers.

Good Distribution Practice Standards provides a description of special measures for proper storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products.

According to international GDP rules and national legislation, pharmaceutical products’ distributors must comply with these standards. Companies must ensure that all employees who have access to medical products and involved in storage and distribution activities be very familiar with GDP principles. Storage and transportation of pharmaceutical materials and products as per GSP should be considered at all stages of medical products circulation thus involving almost all participants of the pharmaceutical market.

Course program of Good Distribution Practice and Good Storage Practice Principles:

  • Good Distribution Practice principles
  • Document development
  • Personnel
  • Good Storage Practice for pharmaceutical products
  • Rooms, facilities and equipment of distributor
  • Product delivery procedure
  • Inventory facility
  • Medical products transportation
  • Product recovery procedure
  • Product recall
  • Warehouse and motor transport qualification